Review: German Village Coffee Shop

It’s no secret that Caitlin and I LOVE breakfast. A lot of the reviews and recipes we post revolve around the most important meal of the day. What’s not to love about a “balanced” meal complete with eggs, bacon or sausage and some sort of carb? Extra points for grease! Lucky for us, Columbus is a breakfast Mecca. Recently I ventured over to German Village to try the highly-rated German Village Coffee shop.

This tiny diner has a DK-Diner or Nancy’s feel, complete with a crowded counter, the greasy aroma of meat and potatoes frying and line cooks preparing your food on over-sized griddles right in front of you. After a night of drinking, this is the perfect place to cure your hangover and enjoy a classic breakfast.

The atmosphere is casual and full of regulars and German Village young professionals. It’s safe to show up in your sweatpants, or your cloths from the night before. I’d recommend arriving at noon or before because the space is very small and tends to fill up quickly. Parking is street only and can be tricky. There were luckily two spots at the counter available for Brian and I when we got there at noon.

The menu is very basic and does not feature many items. The traditional breakfast favorites such as eggs, bacon, sausage, western omelets, hash browns and French toast are available, along with a few lunch sandwiches and burgers. Typically they feature a special written on a small chalkboard above the cashier. When we went, they were serving a bourbon French toast.

I opted for a classic scrambled egg breakfast with bacon, toast and cheesy hash browns. While simple and not difficult to prepare, this breakfast was downright delicious. The hash browns had the perfect amount of crisp and gooey cheese while the eggs were scrambled to perfection. In my opinion, the bacon was crispy and delicious but to some it could be a tad on the salty side. Brian’s western omelet was just as amazing and packed to the brim with green peppers, onions cheese and ham.

The service was average but what I would expect for a casual, short-staffed diner. While it took a while for our waiter to spot us and walk over, he made up for it in friendliness. We only waited about 15 minutes to get our food which wasn’t bad for the crowd.

Pricing were very reasonable and inexpensive and I left feeling full and ready for a nap. Bottom line: If you’re looking for a cheap, casual, greasy place to enjoy a hungover breakfast, The German Village Coffee Shop is one of your best options.

Pictures to come later!

  • Food = 4/5 Stars
  • Price= $
  • Service = 3/5 Stars
  • Location= 3/5 Stars
  • Menu
  • Website



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