Go Yoga: Upper Arlington

Exercising is hard… especially when you’re trying to find the right routine for yourself. Whether you’ve never really exercised before, haven’t exercised in awhile, or you’re just bored with your current exercise routine, exploring new types of workouts can be extremely frustrating.

I dabbled in many forms of exercise during my days in college; heavy lifting my senior year, cycling my junior year, shoveling large amounts of food into my mouth sophomore year (those pictures of me as a fatty have been burned)…

My best friend Ash and I after a yoga session in Chicago

Yet, despite the versatility in my routine throughout the years, two have remained: walking and yoga. I’m a huge proponent of walking; it’s free, it’s easy on your joints, and you can do it just about anywhere. However, when winter strikes, it becomes difficult to walk outside. So you can either hibernate under the covers in your warm bed, eating gummy bears and pretzels (i.e. me last winter), or you can get creative with your workouts. I’m certainly not a consistent yoga-goer like Catie is (she’s awesome at it, too), but after some searching, I definitely found the right studio for me in the Columbus area. If you’re looking for a studio with a good price, an awesome vibe, and beautiful ambiance, Go Yoga should be your go-to.

Go Yoga has multiple locations in the city, including New Albany, Powell, Upper Arlington, and Worthington. I’ve only been to the Upper Arlington studio, but I haven’t felt any need to venture out to another location. I encourage you to give the other ones a try… but here’s what I love about this particular location:

The Ambiance

Upper Arlington’s Go Yoga is a one-room sanctuary. Whether it’s from the lavender spray, incense, or the warm, fragrant, wet towels they place on your eyes at the end of practice, it always smells like heaven in there. And although the room is clad with bright, white walls and decorations, once the lights are turned off, the room becomes peaceful, leaving enough light to be within one’s self. The numerous, lit candles help with this, too.

The Instructors

I have never had a bad instructor here. Some have a great sense of humor, or a quiet disposition, but their commonality lies within their peaceful, kind nature. Every so often, I get low blood-sugar and am unable to hold certain poses for a long time, but I never feel intimidated by sitting in child’s pose until I’ve regained composer…

Comfort Levels

Speaking of intimidation, Go Yoga offers many different levels of difficulty, meaning you won’t feel uncomfortable jumping into just any yoga class. Their website offers a weekly schedule, complete with brief descriptions of what to expect in certain classes. They pretty much have all levels of yoga available, whether you’re an expert or a beginner. My personal favorite is the Candlelight Flow.

All the Feels

I think the most important aspect of yoga, in general, is how you feel afterwards. I always leave Go Yoga feeling refreshed, never exhausted. Plus, I feel good that I didn’t spend a fortune on a class. I usually pay no more than $10, and I heard they offer $5 classes. You can’t beat that…

I suppose the only negatives I have with this location are the heat and the parking. It gets pretty steamy during the summertime, but you could definitely turn this into a positive if you like to sweat it out. As far as parking is concerned, I’ve never had a problem finding a spot, but I could see spots running out depending on the time of day.

All in all, this place is neat-o:

  • Experience = 4.5/5 Stars
  • Instructors = 5/5 Stars
  • Atmosphere = 5/5 Stars
  • Price = $
  • Location = 5/5 Stars
  • Parking = 4/5 Stars
  • Website
  • Schedule



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