Harvest Pizza: Review

Who doesn’t love pizza? It seems like even the pickiest of eaters are happy to sit down and devour a breaded crust smothered in sauce, melted cheese and greasy protein like bacon or sausage. So it was only a matter of time before we reviewed a restaurant specializing in pizza. While Columbus has a lot of pizza places to offer, a local favorite is Harvest Pizzeria.

Harvest Pizzeria is so popular that they actually have two locations in Clintonville and German Village. I’ve had the pleasure of dining at both locations and I’ve never been disappointed. If I had to give a recommendation, I would say it’s best to visit the German Village location for dinner because Curio is attached and offers incredible cocktails. Be prepared to pay a high price (around $11) for an alcoholic drink, but I promise, you won’t be disappointed. The Clintonville location offers equally delicious food and the bar is a nice addition, but cocktails there are not quite as fancy as those offered at Curio.

Recently, I decided to take my sister, a pizza-lover and pretty tough judge of food to Harvest. We took a stroll down to the Clintonville location, conveniently located on North High Street, not far from my house. It’s easy to walk to this location, but parking can be a little tricky. You’ll have to find a spot on the street.

Upon walking in to Harvest, I was overcome with the slightly burnt smell of wood-fired pizza crust cooking in the oven. The space is small and it was difficult to even get in the door. We put our name on a list and were prepared to wait about an hour to get a seat. (Please note this was a Friday night and you have to wait pretty much anywhere, so this wasn’t a surprise).  We decided to put in a to-go order instead and pick it up in 30 minutes. This is a very convenient option if you don’t feel like braving the Friday-night crowds.

We quickly perused the menu before placing the to-go orders. Harvest offers a range of salads and standard appetizers, but the brussel sprouts are a favorite of mine. They’re topped with crispy panko bread crumbs, glazed with balsamic and a hint of sweetness. Basically the best brussel sprouts I’ve ever had and I highly recommend them! Just to make them taste even better, they’re served hot in a mini cast iron skillet. (if you dine in, otherwise they come in a takeout box!)

I selected the mushroom pizza and my sister went with a classic pepperoni. (Did I mention she’s picky)? I’ve tried several of the gourmet pizzas and you really can’t go wrong. The spicy uma is another favorite of mine as well as the fennel and sausage.

30 minutes later we picked up our food and boy was it worth the wait! The thin crust was wood-fired to perfection and the garlic aroma filled our home as I opened up the box. I typically don’t even like mushrooms, but there’s just something about the sautéed, garlicky-goodness of Harvest mushrooms. They’re not too thickly sliced either and the classic tomato sauce and cheese mellow the garlic just enough to achieve a perfectly enjoyable, balanced flavor.

My sister seemed to enjoy her pepperoni pizza just as much as I enjoyed my pizza because she barely uttered one word. My sister is not one to keep her mouth shut if she doesn’t like something, so this was a good sign!

My only complaint about Harvest is that good pizza doesn’t come cheap! An order of Brussel sprouts and two pizzas was close to forty dollars. But I’d say it was well worth the price.

Whether you’re dining in or carrying out, this pizza is sure to satisfy even the pickiest pallets!

  • Food =5/5 Stars
  • Price =$$$
  • Service = 3/5
  • Location = 3/5
  • Atmosphere 4/5
  • Website
  • Menu



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