Honest Opinions: The Crest

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There are a lot of conflicting reviews concerning the Crest Gastropub. It’s received a high 3.5/5 stars on Yelp, Facebook, and Zomato, but I find there’s slight ambiguity towards the establishment.

To catch you up to speed, the Crest is an upscale, casual restaurant located in Clintonville. While “upscale” and “casual” are paradoxical in nature, I’d consider them appropriate contradictions to describe the gastropub. Per their website, the Crest “focuse[s] on craft beer, local spirits, and fresh quality food” (emphasis on fresh). The ingredients used in all of their food are sourced and grown locally; in fact, you can see the majority of these herbs and vegetables surrounding the perimeter of the restaurant.

So why all of the mixed reviews? I’ve heard it all: while the food may be fresh, the taste isn’t worth the price; the rooftop garden, while appealing and very cozy, smells like garbage (the dumpsters are located right next to the building); the service is “mehh”, etc… In other words? It’s overrated.

I’m here to set the record straight, or at least attempt to set the record straight. Catie and I live a block away from the restaurant, therefore, we frequent the establishment every so often (there’s your hint, everyone… we keep coming back).

I’ve experienced the Crest in almost every facet (breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, drinks in the evening, etc…) and my reviews are similar across the board:

First and foremost, I love the atmosphere. Its rustic, yet farm-to-table decor (this post is full of oxymoron’s) fits the Clintonville, hipster aesthetic perfectly. During the daytime, the multitudinous windows let a beautiful natural light fill the space (sans being overbearing). There’s usually a band playing during brunch, too, so that’s pretty cool. At night, the dimmed, ambient mood-lighting is perfect, but the noise-level is a little high due to the volume of Crest-goers. And I hate to say it, but the garbage-smell rumors are true. A group of us experienced it first-hand… but it wasn’t enough to deter me from the space. It’s beautiful and very intimate up there and it’s definitely suitable for your family gathering (on a smaller scale) or for a group of friends. It’s almost perfect for a romantic date night… but I’d clear the air on where the smell is coming from.

The service is sub-par, but I’d consider it adequate for the high-volume of traffic coming in and out all hours of the day/night. Needless to say, every single server I’ve ever had has been gracious, kind, and considerate. It might just make up for the small mistakes they make along the way (rest assured: the mistakes are nothing major).

Location is obviously a huge win for me and Catie; we live a block away, so parking isn’t even on our radar. The restaurant is situated on one of the main streets of Clintonville, Indianola Ave, and if you have the pleasure of living in the neighborhood, the walk is pretty great and the neighbors are the best in Columbus (I think 50% of my neighbors are cats). If you don’t have the luxury of living down the street like we do, parking can be a little obnoxious, especially during the winter or when it’s raining. The parking lot is small, but I think there’s valet available. Parking on Crestview is limited (it’s the street perpendicular to Indianola and alongside the Crest), but you can park on the next street, Tulane Rd.

OKAY. Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for: food and drink reviews. Having a gluten allergy, I love that they carry Omission (a beer specifically crafted to remove gluten… I’m pretty sure those are the exact words on the label). In my personal opinion, their drinks are great. They’re expensive, but that’s what you get when you’re not chugging Nati a few blocks away on campus. As far as food is concerned, I am only a fan of a few items on the menu. I love their veggie burger (make sure to add avocado), fries (I’m especially partial to the sweet potato fries with the dipping sauce), breakfast skillet (I think they got rid of this, though… for shame!), nectarine and prosciutto salad, pub chips, and veggie plate (their coffee is amazing, too). They’re very attentive to vegans and those with gluten allergies (you can substitute with gluten free bread and buns). Everything else is fine, but many items lack some key flavors for me. Speaking on behalf of my boyfriend, the chicken and waffles were bland; the drummettes apparently tasted “gamey.”

They may not taste the best, but they photograph well...
They may not taste the best, but they photograph well…

All in all, unless you’re my friend Ben who boycotted ever going to the Crest after the Crestview Tavern closed down, it’s well-worth a shot. So now that I’ve given you one of the most involved, long-winded reviews the Crest Gastropub has ever seen, I’ll sum it all up for you:



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